湘南いしぐろクリニック Shonan Ishiguro Clinic

This was a full renovation project for a clinic specializing in physical examinations and health checkups, with an expansion of floor space. The owner's key phrase was "I want this space to be like a salon that can provide healing to patients," and the design concept was solidified to create a classic, prestigious, yet relaxed space.

The waiting room was a stone-grained PVC sheet, which is common in clinics, but in accordance with the owner's desire for authenticity, the floor is made of polished stone, rather than ceramic tiles, etc. The entire floor is raised one step from the foundation. To achieve this, the entire floor was raised one step above the foundation.

To relieve patients' mental stress, BOCCI lights, which look like glass balls, are installed on the ceiling. The ceiling is raised one level only where the lights are installed, making the lights themselves look like stars.

The reception area also utilizes the existing counter, but does not specify the materials in detail, such as changing the material to real stone. The message was to create a space where visiting patients would feel a different atmosphere just from the entrance. The owner was pleased to hear that the number of patients tripled after the renovation, which was a great honor for the architect.


  • Completion 2021.05
  • Building site Chigasaki, Kanagawa
  • Principal use Clinic
  • Floor area 277.31㎡