This building exists in front of a station in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, as a satellite studio for a radio station. The purpose of this building is twofold. One is to open this place to more citizens, and the other is to transmit the radio station's activities in the area.

The design of this building consists of two inspirations: one is the image of a wooden microcosmic space, and the other is the image of a large tree bearing colorful fruits. The hope is that more people will form a community under this space.

The radially spread wooden louvers also convey the message that the radio station's information is being released outside as if by a gramophone.


  • Completion 2020.06
  • Building site Mihara , Hiroshima
  • Principal use Radio Station Studio


  • 2021 JCD中国支部 空間デザイン賞2021