洞爺湖アートミュージアム Lake Toya art museum

An art museum project is underway on the shores of Lake Toya. The project is being conceived and promoted as to how to harmonize the museum with the original landscape of Lake Toya, which is rich in nature.

We embarked on this project for the purpose of exhibiting the works of Shozo Michikawa, a world-renowned ceramic artist from Lake Toya.

The building was designed to respect the beauty of Mr. Michikawa's rich and powerful ceramic art, and to give a twist to the form so that visitors can feel his ceramic art from the inside of the building.

The exhibition space on the second floor is open to the public, so that visitors can feel the environment in which Michikawa was born and raised, as well as his creativity, more closely.
No glass is installed in the openings.


  • Building site Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
  • Principal use art museum