This is a new building project for workwear brand Bartle, which has its head office in Fuchu, Hiroshima Prefecture, following the relocation of its head office. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality workwear with particular attention to sewing and fabric selection, and is also able to tailor-make to customer requirements. The high level of functionality and design has earned the company many fans both at home and abroad.

In conjunction with this project, the head office was relocated to a new location in front of Fukuyama Station, where a seven-storey head office building is being planned. The company building plan called for it to function as a community. A space was required where clients from all over the country could be invited and where new products could be exhibited and planned within the company.

In addition, although the brand is well-known within the industry, public recognition is still low. Therefore, taking advantage of its location in front of Fukuyama Station, an open space accessible to the general public was planned. By opening up the exhibition planning floor and the company cafeteria, the aim is to raise awareness and create a community. The design planning office was also set up on the same floor to serve as an information transmission base.

The ground floor has a partial atrium, and the whole design is coordinated as a transparent and stylish one; from the third floor upwards, German profilit glass is used to prevent ultraviolet rays and to let soft light into the rooms. Another issue was how to prevent noise, as the building is located along the main road in front of Fukuyama Station. The sound insulation performance of Profilit glass was used to solve this problem as well.

Facing the shopping street and the main avenue in front of the station, the company will become a new landmark in front of Fukuyama Station.


  • Completion 2024.12
  • Building site Fukuyama , Hiroshima
  • Principal use Head office building
  • Structure RC, 7 storeys