L’oseraie L’oseraie

This building, located in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is the result of a renovation project that revitalized the first floor of an existing RC building that was not being used.

The client runs an obstetrics and gynecology clinic nearby. In the course of attending to women's health from the field of medicine, the client had long been interested in creating a "care space for women that transcends generations. We sympathized with her desire, and this project was launched.

The major challenge was how to transform the existing reinforced concrete building into a space that would accommodate the client's new initiatives. The site is located in a residential area. It would be easy to cover up the existing structure in the planned area, but only a simple solution could be found. The eccentricity and decorative appearance of the exterior would not fit in with the site, and as a care space, it would be overly stimulating for the users. Therefore, we chose to create the interior and exterior while showing the existing condition with only a painted finish, aiming to create a space with a sense of physical and sensory unity - a space with a sense of overall harmony. In order to create a fresh impression without making the building look out of place, wooden louvers were arranged from the ceiling to the openings facing the outside to harmonize with the existing building. The louvers, which are curved at the corners, create a soft expression depending on where they stand, creating a sense of depth in the space.

The use of the space as a women's care space necessitated that it be able to meet a variety of needs. In order to accommodate a cafe, store, yoga therapy, cooking classes, etc., the space was configured as a single room including a kitchen counter, and variable space utilization was made possible through the use of custom-made furniture, curtains, chairs, tables, and lighting. The interior is wrapped with soft wood surfaces to create a sense of comfort both visually and physically. Soft colors relieve tension and diffuse light beautifully. The word "women" is used to describe a wide variety of environments in which they live. Naturally, the people who use this place also have a wide range of purposes. Therefore, we worked with the client to carefully consider the elements that would be desirable to everyone. Even the choice of furniture was selected in pursuit of aesthetics as well as usability.

As a woman herself, the client's deep consideration of women from a medical perspective, and how to realize this through architecture, depended on a thorough collaboration with the client.
This project, which developed through a series of careful dialogues, was very meaningful for us as well.

The name "L'oseraie" also means "independence" in French.
The name "L'oseraie" is said to mean "self-reliance" in French. It is said to express the hope that women living in various environments with various choices will take care of themselves and build a rich life with their own hands, using their inherent strength and potential. The name was thought up by the client-owner together with her loved ones.
We are told that the client, the owner, worked very hard to come up with this name together with his loved ones. We would be happy if we were able to help in some small way with this wish through the construction of this house.


  • Completion 2014.11
  • Building site Mihara City, Hiroshima
  • Structure RC
  • Photo Takahiro Shimokawa


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