FUKUYAMA UNIV. ものづくり工房Project FUKUYAMA UNIV. Monozukuri Kobo Project

Fukuyama University has a beautiful campus surrounded by a natural environment. The university also emphasizes cooperation with the local community and focuses on research and social contribution activities to meet local needs.

The educational program is also highly specialized, with a practical education that emphasizes the use of the knowledge and skills learned in the real world. Industry-academia partnerships, internships, and practical training are also well developed, providing students with opportunities to acquire practical skills.

The Faculty of Engineering here at Fukuyama University has asked us to consult on plans for a new research and training building.
As the university has stated its commitment to industry-academia and community collaboration, there are actually people from companies coming in and out of the building, and there is a lot of interaction with the local community. The project was designed to embody this industry-academia and community collaboration in a building that would not only serve as a research and training building, but also as an example of such collaboration.

The building design follows the principles of modern architecture. While the necessary functions such as laboratories and training rooms are naturally placed, an open hall space was created to function as a community. The hall is designed to create a natural flow of people, and an open workshop is available for product development in collaboration with companies and local residents.

This building will serve as a starting point for not only the Faculty of Engineering, but also for Fukuyama University. We envision that this building will serve as a starting point and strengthen the ties not only between the Faculty of Engineering, but also between Fukuyama University, businesses, and the local community.


  • Completion 2025
  • Building site Fukuyama, Hiroshima
  • Principal use research laboratory building