沖縄・古宇利島リゾートヴィラproject Kouri Island Resort Villa Project

This resort villa project on Okinawa's Kouri Island is located on a hilltop with the best view of the island, overlooking Iejima Tower in the ocean to the west.
The resort villa is located on a hilltop on the island with the best view of the Iejima tower in the western ocean, and is surrounded by a rich natural environment with few houses.

The sunset falling on this Iejima tower is such a dynamic scene that it reaffirms the fact that we are alive.

The resort villa, where you can relax and enjoy such scenery and environment, is composed of five main elements: church, villa, restaurant, pool, and reception lobby.

The building is characterized by its concrete walls that radiate out toward the sea.

The gaps between these walls, which have a strong sense of presence, are seen as canyons.
By giving it various functions, the design concept for the interior of the building was superimposed as an extension of the surrounding environment.

On this site, which overlooks the one and only Iejima Tower, we propose a new symbiosis with nature through dynamic architecture.


  • Building site Kunigashira-gun, Okinawa
  • Principal use villa
  • Structure RC