沖縄・古宇利島プロジェクト Kouri Island Project, Okinawa

Kouri Island is one of the remote islands located in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. Kouri Island is a small island, about 8 km long, and you can drive around it in about 10 minutes by car. In Okinawa Prefecture, it is said to be an island where gods dwell, and there is a legend that a long time ago, a man and a woman descended from the island.

The Kouri Ohashi Bridge, which connects Nago City, is a famous tourist spot with a beautiful view from the sea.The view of the sea from the top of the bridge is also beautiful, making it the perfect location for drives and walks.
A complex facility is being planned here with the keywords of art, nature, and hotels.

In order to blend in with the rich natural surroundings, lava rock panels have been placed on the walls of the building, and the plan is for the building itself, which has many trees, to become part of nature in the future.


  • Completion undecided
  • Building site Kunigashira-gun, Okinawa
  • Principal use hotel
  • Structure RC