長久手の家 House of Nagakute

Located in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, the house is situated on a hilltop overlooking the entire city of Nagakute. The structure is a two-story wooden structure, and the building plan takes advantage of the slope. The building is designed with high sidelights to block the view of the neighboring apartment building.

The ceiling material, stretched at an angle from the high sidelights, allows light to slide down into the building. In the floor plan, the public zone is located in the center of the building, and is connected to the public zone by a bridge. This is intended to create the illusion of a building within a building when viewed from the bridge, so that each scene seen from the interior looks like a street scene.

The large atrium space has a wood-burning stove for the indoor environment in winter.


  • Completion 2011.01
  • Building site Nagakute City, Aichi
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure RC, 1 story above ground, 1 basement floor
  • Floor area 150.52㎡
  • Photo Nacasa&Partners