軽井沢 PROJECT Karuizawa Project

Karuizawa villa area with a view of Mount Asama. Here, the client and his wife consulted us on the construction of a house for their final home, in accordance with architectural principles that are not pedantic. The client, who runs a business in the city, wanted an essential way of living that they had not been able to achieve before with their relocation. They also wanted to build a home with someone who understood this.

The house we proposed is a wooden one-story residence.
Originally, Japanese housing was based on the one-story house, and two-story buildings were born in the process of people grouping together to form a town. The one-story house is an inevitable choice for living in this rich natural environment.

Living in a beautiful natural setting with a view of the mountains and a vegetable garden (agriculture), we live as we did when the world was at its most stable and prosperous. A home that appreciates nature and stands casually in the midst of it. This is the kind of casual architecture that was sought.

Architectural culture and historical background, as well as Japanese culture and lifestyle, and the way of being of the land. The client was looking for someone who understood the essence of "high quality". For this project, I think the client was looking for someone who could understand and give form to these ideas.

Here is a one-story residence that is both casual and high quality.


  • Completion 2025
  • Building site Karuizawa Town, Kitasakubu, Nagano
  • Principal use vacation home
  • Floor area 239.51㎡