熊本の家 House of Kumamoto

This is a new construction project for a house with office space, which is being planned in the suburbs of Kumamoto City. We were consulted on a project for an exclusive residence for a couple and their children on a 700 tsubos site away from the centre of Kumamoto City, in a rich natural environment. There is a lot of greenery around the site, and a building that blends in with the landscape was required.

The house, which has one basement floor and two storeys above ground, is surrounded by an embankment to form a populated hill in order to integrate it with the surrounding environment. By sinking the basement floor into this hill, the overall height of the building is reduced. This plan aligns the height of the building with the surrounding trees, giving the building the appearance of standing in a forest. The building is in harmony with the existing environment.

The top floor is the residential part and the ground floor is like a pilotis. This is the outdoor BBQ terrace and the owner's office. The dance floor and garage are located on the basement floor, and the different uses of each floor bring a rhythm to the living space.

This type of dwelling combined with a SOHO office is strongly influenced by the widespread use of remote working. This is a new type of dwelling that has emerged in recent years and is expected to increase in the future.


  • Completion 2025.12
  • Building site Kita-ku, Kumamoto, Kumamoto
  • Principal use private residence