御幸町の家 House of Miyuk-cho

This is a two-story wooden house planned for Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City. The client wanted to have dinner with his parents in a newly built house, and to create a space that could be partitioned as the family grew.

By creating a courtyard, each room would have as much access to the outside as possible, and each room would have its own ventilation system, even when partition walls were built to divide the rooms.

By creating two courtyards, we believe that we were able to propose a house that could accommodate both the determinants of the design phase and the uncertainties that would arise after the house was inhabited.


  • Completion 2005.03
  • Building site Fukuyama , Hiroshima
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Wooden 2 stories
  • Photo Takahiro Shimokawa