近未来餃子H Near-future dumpling H

Space production for a new gyoza restaurant in Shibuya Meat Yokocho.
Shibuya Niku Yokocho is one of the largest meat-themed side streets in Japan, with a series of small stores near Shibuya Center Street. since its opening in 2010, it has attracted attention as a gathering place for young people in Shibuya, and is visited by about 500,000 people annually.
Businessman Holliemon and YouTuber Hikaru were invited to jointly open a gyoza (dumpling) restaurant, and we participated as spatial producers.

The original space is a corner of an old multi-tenant building, and the surrounding environment is full of a sense of miscellaneousness with a mixture of Showa, Heisei, and 2024-era Japanese influences. To create a futuristic atmosphere, we took a hint from Korean-style food stall design, rather than Japanese food stalls, and used neon tubes and fake greenery to create a cutting-edge gyoza restaurant that can be enjoyed. The colorful neon tubes and fake greenery are intended to create an impact and at the same time hide the original, crowded building.

The gyoza is served. The gyoza are baked on a griddle with a charred finish, which gives them a "brown" color. The restaurant is located in Shibuya, where many young people gather. Because of this location, we asked ourselves what we wanted to appear in the background when we photographed the gyoza and the interior of the restaurant at the same time. Neon tubes were placed to create a strong contrast between the food and the building.


  • Completion 2022.12
  • Building site Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Principal use store