草戸の家 House of Kusado

The wooden structure of the house and the cozy LDK were required, and we planned the house to be spacious and relaxed, sitting firmly on the earth. The house is arranged in a figure of mouth shape around a large courtyard, with wet-edges at various places, so that the interior and exterior are fluid and breezy, and the LDK is a cozy space that breathes. The sloping roof, with its lowered floor height, is designed so that when one sits down on the floor, the richness of space and the dignified flow of time can be felt for the first time, giving one a moment of peace and relaxation from the busyness of modern society.


  • Completion 2006.04
  • Building site Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Single-storied wooden house
  • Photo Takahiro Shimokawa


  • 2007 JIA現代日本の建築家優秀建築選3