明翫組 社屋 Myogan-gumi Company Building

This is a new head office building project for a construction company that has been located in the educational district of Kanazawa for more than 100 years and mainly engages in public safety civil engineering work. The company has been actively involved in the housing business in recent years and wanted to change its image from that of a conventional civil engineering company.

The building site is located in a quiet residential area with elegant buildings and residences, as it is one of the most prestigious educational districts in Kanazawa. Therefore, we proposed a low-rise office building that would fit in well with the area, rather than a high-rise building.

The building, which has one basement floor and two stories above ground, has a skip-floor structure, with the top floor made of wood and the bottom floor made of RC. The site faces an arterial road, and by setting back the building itself, we sought to visually reduce the height of the building and create an appearance that takes the streetscape and landscape into consideration.

The first two floors are used as business meeting space and some as tenants, and the third floor is used as offices. Of particular note is the open business meeting space. Many people may imagine a conventional civil engineering company's business meeting space to be a windowless conference room, but this space is surrounded by windows to create a bright space. By incorporating a courtyard, a light atmosphere was created.

The natural light pouring down from the top light provides mild light to the second floor and the first floor, inviting soft light to all floors. cedar boards are used for the formwork to soften the impression of cast concrete in the RC section, creating a wood grain pattern that also harmonizes with the wooden section on the top floor.


  • Completion 2022.06
  • Building site Kanazawa city, Ishikawa
  • Principal use company office building
  • Structure Mixed structure: 1 basement floor, 2 floors above ground


  • 2023 第45回 金沢都市美文化賞