彦島の家 House of Hikoshima

The site is backed by a small mountain on the west side and a road on the southeast side. It is an ideal site for a residential area. The mountain functions to block the sunlight on the west side and to bring stable light indoors through the high-sided windows.

Trees were planted on the slope that is part of the site to provide a borrowed landscape for the building. In order to make the most of the site's abundance, the horizontal gable-shaped one-story building is bent at a 45° angle and placed along the foot of the mountain.

The roof and both gable walls are covered with natural slate as the exterior framework. The white walls on the interior are designed to create a striking contrast between the continuous eaves and the texture.

The low eaves are held down on the porch - an extension of the sloping ceiling that rises from the middle area of the porch - and a series of high-sided windows are installed. This composition is intended to create a sense of expansive space and elongation through the view toward the mountains.


  • Completion 2012.4
  • Building site Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Single-storied wooden house
  • Photo Nacasa&Partners