大洲の家 House of Ozu

This is a special-purpose residence planned in Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.
In the floor plan, the living lines are assumed to be northwest and southeast. Zoning is based on a staircase, with living spaces on the left and right.

The ceiling from the stairwell to the atrium is made of wood, which contrasts with the mortar coating on the floor.

A square high sidelight is placed on the east side of the LDK with a vaulted ceiling, and the dining and kitchen area is located on the east side. We wanted to create the richness of a moment spent while feeling the natural light first thing in the morning.

The staircase is skeletonized to bring fresh air into the interior through the window at the back of the staircase and to block the view from the outside. We planned to create a comfortable and pleasant living space that secures privacy while taking air circulation into consideration.


  • Completion 2012.05
  • Building site Ozu City, Ehime
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Wooden 2 stories
  • Floor area 84.25㎡
  • Photo Toru Kitamura