The project site is a trapezoidal-shaped site in a residential area about a 10-minute walk from JR Mishima Station.
We were asked to design a low-cost residence for two young clients.

The overall plan for the site, which has a deformed shape, is a "U" shaped plan, which creates a sense of distance from the neighboring land, the greenery on the west side, and the road on the south side.
The roof is gabled to reduce the area of the exterior walls as much as possible to achieve a balanced plan in terms of budget and structure.

The number of rooms required for a family of two is relatively small compared to that of a typical house. Therefore, the LDK is located directly from the entrance, and the water and bedrooms are placed at the back of the LDK to secure a private space as a residence.

The interior features a cedar slab concrete foundation that rises 1.5 meters above the floor level. The foundation and wooden beams were placed on top of the concrete to create a dynamic and liberating space made of natural materials.

In the space composed of the texture of cedar-plank concrete and slender shed beams of rice pine, simple and lovely bulb lighting is suspended at different heights. At night, warm light with a sense of life leaking from the high-sided window on the gable side is planned to welcome people in.


  • Completion 2015.10
  • Building site Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Wooden 2 stories
  • Photo Nacasa & Partners