長崎スタジオ PROJECT Nagasaki Studio Project

The environment is located in the suburbs of Nagasaki City, where the sea and mountains spread out. We were asked to consult on a plan for a weekend residence and guesthouse here. The owner lives in Tokyo, and his priority was to feel the rich nature and fresh air that he could not experience in the city.

The site is located across a government land from the road. Therefore, instead of the usual approach, a bridge approach was adopted to connect the road and the entrance. The building was designed to be spacious, with the two towers rising from the underground space.

As this is a weekend residence and guesthouse, the private flow line is for the owner's daily life and office environment. The public flow line is designed so that the guests can fully enjoy the scenery of the site and the two lines of flow do not intersect.

The exterior of the building was designed with two louvers, one vertical and the other horizontal, to add an extra element to the high volume of the three-story building, rather than subtract from it.
The design of the environment was also designed in such a way that the guest rooms can be overlooked from the street, while the trees block the line of sight.


  • Completion undecided
  • Building site Nagasaki,nagasaki