海峡を臨む家 House overlooking the Strait

This is a special house designed in Shimonoseki with a view of the Kanmon Straits. The view from this site, which was originally a meteorological observatory, is spectacular, and one can see as far as Moji, Kyushu.

The site is on a sloping terrain with greenery remaining in the surrounding area. The slope was used as a characteristic of the site, and a parking lot was placed on the rooftop for functional design.

From the living room, one can see the ships coming and going in the Kanmon Straits every day.

We proposed a lifestyle that incorporates this luxury as part of daily life and allows the residents to enjoy the blessed view to the fullest.


  • Completion 2012.09
  • Building site Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure RC, 2 stories
  • Floor area 149.88㎡
  • Photo Takahiro Shimokawa


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