塩生の家 House of Shionasu

Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.
Kojima is located on the Kojima Peninsula facing the Seto Inland Sea at the southernmost tip of Okayama Prefecture, and is one of the prefecture's leading tourist destinations, with Mount Washu and the Great Seto Bridge. This building is located in a relatively new residential area near these scenic spots.
There is a park across the street to the south of the curving road along the site, so there is no possibility that any buildings will be constructed there in the future. The site is a blessed environment. The project was to build a house for a family of four (two adults and two children).

Although the site is a favorable one, there are certain conditions that must be taken into consideration when constructing the site. The slope to the entrance road to the complex, with its gentle curves and slopes, is a key point. In anticipation of the recent torrential rains, it was decided to raise the one-story wooden building with a concrete floor in order to prevent flood damage. The floor is sufficiently elevated above the street level to prevent torrential rains. This also provided the best results in terms of ventilation. 

The building takes the form of a courthouse. The rooms and garage are located along the site boundary, and the courtyard is surrounded by a floor plan. The plan is designed to be open toward the inside of the house, taking into consideration the line of sight from the street. Another characteristic of this house is that the living space is divided into left and right, with the garden at the center and the entrance as the starting point. The entrance porch is brought out with an R-shaped concrete floor along the exterior wall to secure a passage to the entrance.

High sidelights are installed in all the living rooms facing the street, allowing an appropriate amount of light to enter the building. At the same time, a synergistic effect was expected to give the exterior a unique color.

In addition, the living room is the center of the house, and the spatial composition allows for the presence of children and visitors. As mentioned earlier, the structure of the lifted floor is designed to allow the wind to pass through the courtyard from the entranceway. The wind running toward the courtyard circles around the building, returns to the courtyard, and passes through to the sky. Although this is happening inside the building, one can even feel that a small natural world exists there.

Every day, I think about what makes for a comfortable life as I design. Sometimes it is convenience, sometimes it is elegant design, and sometimes it is the way the residents perceive "comfort. In any case, however, I believe that the daily life is rich with wind and light, and that the residents can generally feel "comfort" more than enough.


  • Completion 2010.10
  • Building site Kurashiki City, Okayama
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Wooden one-story house
  • Photo Nacasa & Partners