丘の家に建つ家 House is located on a hill

The "House on a Hill" is located in Owarisahi City, Aichi Prefecture, about 10 minutes by car from the center of the city. Originally marketed as a building lot, half of the site is on a slope. Therefore, it was necessary to plan a building that makes the most of this "slope" topographical feature.

The site is surrounded by an intrusion road on the south side, and houses are adjacent on the east side, and a house is planned to be built on the west side in the future. Therefore, it was decided that the location allowed the building to open only to the north. The site is blessed with a natural environment, with a high expanse of sky and a view of fields in the distance.

The family consists of a couple and two children. In order to secure parking space for two cars, the steep slope was dug up and a foundation with an earth retaining wall was placed. At the same time, this foundation is used as a wall, a spatial element of the building. The basement-like space is lined with high sidelights. This allows for effective ventilation and lighting, and creates a quiet environment that preserves privacy.

The LDK and water supply are concentrated on the first floor. The kitchen with a view is comfortable, and the living room is designed to be a place where one can enjoy the view. The kitchen is comfortable with a view, and the water area is compact and efficient, located across the courtyard. By paying attention to visual and traffic flow, we were able to create a rich interior space.


  • Completion 2013.04
  • Building site Owarisahi City, Aichi
  • Principal use private residence
  • Structure Steel framed, 2 stories
  • Floor area 125.83㎡
  • Photo Nacasa & Partners