ヴォールト屋根の家 Vault Roof House

This is an exclusive residence for a family of three completed in Hamakita, 30 minutes north of Hamamatsu Station. Originally, there was an existing house on this site, but it was decided to demolish that building and proceed with the project, leaving only a large tree on the site.

The site is characterized by a rich natural environment, with natural waterways in two directions on the east and south sides and no adjacent private houses.

A two-story steel-framed house with a vaulted roof was planned there. The design was chosen to combine a simple floor plan with a vaulted roof. In the interior space as well, a vaulted ceiling was used to allow natural light to penetrate to every corner of each room.

As a result, a voluminous, white, rich interior space was completed. The kitchen is original, and the tabletop and wall materials are the same color to achieve a cohesive color scheme.

The wide-ranging color unification was considered to bring more spaciousness to the generous space and also to create visual calmness.


  • Completion 2011.08
  • Building site Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka
  • Photo Nacasa&Partners